Melania Trump to make first public appearance after hospitalization


Melania Trump will not attend G7 or Singapore summits

He showed her to a front-row seat across the aisle from Vice President Mike Pence before heading to the microphone.

Melania Trump is planning her first public appearance outside the White House in almost a month.

Or her robot double went to the event. Her spokesperson did not specify why, even though Melania joined the president during last year's G7 trip to Italy.

CNN's Kate Bennett tweeted that the president referred to his wife's presence in the room, joking, "Did she leave him?"

There have been growing rumors about Melania's absence and the reason behind it. "Isn't that right honey?" The event is closed to the press.

The families in attendance were excited to hear from the president and eager to see Melania.

According to CNN White House reporter Jeff Zeleny who offered his account of the remarks, Trump mimicked the media asking, rhetorically, "Where's Melania?".

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Or someone has designed a robot that looks just like the first lady, at least from a distance.

"She looked attractive", said retired Sgt. 1st Class Diana Pike.

The first lady's lack of recent viewings, prior to Monday's event, has created a storm of "where is she?" memes on the internet, and speculation on her whereabouts ran the gamut, from New York City to Palm Beach. Donahue's son, Staff Sgt. Jeremy Vrooman, was killed in Iraq.

Jean Harris, a politics professor at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, says skipping Singapore makes some sense because there is no clear social role for a spouse amid the tensions of that meeting. She points out that the families are the story, not herself. Thank you to those who joined us this evening and to the men and women now serving overseas and to their families, thank you for your service.

Mrs. Trump's absence came abruptly, and at a time when she seemed to be getting used to standing firmly in the spotlight. After the process, which Mrs. Trump's Communications Director Stephanie Grisham stated was a hit and with out complication, the primary girl then spent the higher a part of per week recovering within the hospital earlier than returning residence to the White Home.

It's hard not to start going the conspiracy theory route yourself when it would be so simple for the White House to prove the first lady continues to exist in-residence, yet instead, we receive events like "The Case of the Missing Woman at the Window" and "The Tweet Trump (Probably) Wrote".

"She holds a certain position in this country, and while we need to respect her privacy on personal issues, there needs to be some level of transparency", Cutter said.

What a dumb statement. But over the past half century, it has become the expectation that people know the basic narrative of the first lady's activities.

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