Ex-CEO of Cambridge Analytica Says He Didn't Mean to Mislead

The offices of Cambridge Analytica in central London after it was announced that Britain's information commissioner Elizabeth Denham is pursuing a warrant to search Cambridge Analytica's computer servers Tuesday

Top Manager at Cambridge Analytica Visited Assange in 2017- Reports

Alexander Nix revealed in testimony to British MPs that the boards of SCL and Cambridge Analytica had judged the operations were no long viable and were in liquidation.

Nix is testifying before Britain's parliamentary media committee.

"But you can't simply put forward your prejudices onto me and make sweeping assumptions about our involvement with a political campaign simply because that is what you want to believe..."

"New revelations that Facebook provided access to users' personal information, including religion, political preferences, and relationship status, to dozens of mobile device manufacturers without users' explicit consent are deeply concerning", they said in a letter. "What we are getting back from you are bluster and rudeness".

Mr Nix said that Mr Wylie had accused CA of working for Brexit, disseminating gruesomely violent videos in an African election, "capturing governments, colonising countries and being part of some right-wing conspiracy". But he defended the now-defunct consultancy's reputation and said he felt victimised.

Mr Nix in his previous testimony to lawmakers denied that Cambridge Analytica had ever been given data by Aleksandr Kogan, an academic researcher.

"Of course, the answer to this question should have been 'yes, '" Nix was quoted as saying by Reuters, when asked if Cambridge Analytica still held data from the researcher.

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Nix apologized for his comments in the film, saying he had been foolish and had made exaggerated claims in order to attract what he thought was a potential client. "We've never undertaken any work that involves a honey trap or the use of a sex scandal or anything like that for political leverage or work on a campaign", Mr Nix said.

Nix also said that Channel 4 had heavily edited the footage to portray him in a worse light.

Nix denied a story in the Financial Times that he had withdrawn $8 million from Cambridge Analytica before its collapse last month.

He insisted in fact he had paid millions from his own pocket to cover staff salaries, bonuses and redundancies.

Kaiser met with Assange in February, according to Ecuadorian embassy visitor logs obtained by the Guardian, and also allegedly gave WikiLeaks money in the form of cryptocurrency.

Sources say the money was supposedly meant to help get potential successor data firm, Emerdata, off the ground, with one person adding that Nix said the withdrawal was made in exchange for "unbooked services".

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