Crocodile kills pastor performing baptism in lake

Abaya Lake

Abaya Lake is located in southern Ethiopia and is reported to have a large crocodile population

A protestant pastor was reportedly attacked and devoured by a crocodile at Lake Abaya in Ethiopia on Sunday while baptising members of his congregation. The crocodile then escaped the nets and remains in the lake.

Despite huge efforts, fishermen and residents could not save pastor Docho, policeman Eiwnetu Kanko said.

Eshete suffered bite wounds on his back, legs and hands, and was already dead by the time they managed to pull him from the water. It was not done with his attack and proceeded to try and drag the man into the lake.

A recent shortage of fish in Ethiopia's Lake Abaya has led to more aggressive behaviour from its resident crocodiles. The incident took place in the Lante locality of Arba Minch.

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A crocodile surfaces with a fish in its jaws from a lake in Malelane, South Africa, on December 11, 2008.

"Divided by the lyrical "Bridge of God" from Lake Chamo, attractive Abaya is Ethiopia's second-largest lake".

Members of the church are "devastated by what has happened", Ethiopian news site Borkena reported.

Members of the congregation, as well as fishermen on the lake, attempted to rescue the clergyman - an nearly impossible task.

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