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World Environment Day: 'Our world is swamped by plastic'

The target of this year's United Nations campaign is to make sure that people around the world are free of the over-consumption and reliance of single-use plastics.

On the occasion of the World Environment Day, Sudan government has declared a campaign to eliminate plastic pollution.

There is a rubbish truck full of plastic entering our oceans every minute, with plastic packaging use predicted to double by 2020 and quadruple by 2050, while globally, the level of recycling is only around 14% - it's clear we can not recycle our way out of this problem. The United Nations Environmental Chief writes, "We urgently need consumers, business, and governments to cut consumption of single-use, throwaway plastics".

But there are signs of action to limit plastic pollution, which harms life in the oceans, contaminates soils and releases toxic chemicals when burnt. Plastic isn't the problem.

Gujarat's minister of state for environment reportedly opposes the ban on plastic as most industries that depend on it operate from his assembly constituency of Halol.

Prof Frimpong-Boateng noted that plastic does not biodegrade, but rather breaks down into smaller pieces forming plastic dusts, and were found in the remotest parts of the world, which floats into the ocean, and enter many marine animals and birds. While no single measure against pollution will be equally effective everywhere, the report outlines a set of universal steps for policymakers to tackle the issue in their communities.

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Guterres, who stated this in his message for World Environment Day, marked on June 5, said the world was being "swamped" by harmful plastic waste.

This was contained in a statement to mark the 2018 World Environment Day with the theme "Beat Plastic Pollution: If You Can't Reuse it, Refuse it" signed by the national president, Ahmed Sanda and the publicity coordinator, Engr Mamoud Abubakar.

Around the world, 1 million plastic drinking bottles are purchased every minute, and every year, up to 5 trillion disposable plastic bags are used.

Almost one third of used plastic packaging escapes collection systems, which means it ends up clogging the world's city streets and polluting the natural environment. If present trends continue, by 2050 our oceans will have more plastic than fish.

Since it was first celebrated in 1974, the Day has helped raise awareness and generate political momentum around global environmental concerns such as ozone depletion, desertification and global warming.

New data from waste and brand audits conducted in five Philippine cities confirm results of earlier coastal clean-up audits that multinational brands are the country's top sources of plastic pollution.

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