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Amazon launches Echo Look in U.S., could popularize computer vision via Alexa

It’s easy to get flash briefings from FOX6 News using Amazon’s ‘Alexa’

(The actual price is $120, but Amazon is offering it to Prime subscribers for $90 through Friday.) "We really believe we've priced it at a price that customers not only think is valuable, but is super reasonable when you think about Echo, Fire TV, far-field control, and device control", says Penny. As an introductory offer, Prime members can pre-order Fire TV Cube on June 7 and 8 for a special price of $89.99-a $30 savings.

With its infrared emitters, the Cube is also the only Fire TV device that can control a TV's volume and switch channels on a cable or satellite box.

Users can even search for TV shows or movies by actor.

Standard Alexa features available through Fire TV Cube include smart-home controls, a built-in speaker for weather and news updates, and access to third-party Alexa skills.

But since Amazon knows that not everyone has cut the cord, the Fire TV Cube works with cable boxes, too. That said, with the hardware that's packed into the box, we're sure that future firmware updates will bring similar rapid developments such as those that have been seen with the Amazon Echo smart speakers.

Apart from this, Amazon's Fire TV Cube is also capable of its compatibility extension for cable companies like the DISH, Comcast, and DirecTV.

Perhaps they control your lights, heat, security system, but are these smart devices we've put in our homes spying on us? Amazon is also bundling a separate IR extender with the Cube, making it possible to reach devices hidden away in cabinets and such.

For one thing, the $120 device can listen to Alexa commands without you needing to press a microphone button on a remote - much like a traditional Amazon Echo.

Death toll in Tunisian migrant ship accident rises to 60: IOM
The International Organization for Migration says most of victims were Tunisian, and estimate a higher death toll at 60 people. Other survivors said the captain had abandoned the boat after it started sinking to escape arrest by the coast guard.

Google's $130 (£105) Home speaker is triggered by the phrase "Hey Google" while Amazon's Echo uses "Alexa".

Amazon Echo Look now on sale in USA for $199.

Google's Assistant software is also able to answer follow-up questions on the same topic, in a near-conversation style, but Echo as yet can not.

Adding the more-complex Alexa features has changed the look of the Fire TV.

Amazon has announced another twist on the Fire TV in the form of the Fire TV Cube.

'And, it's just the beginning.

While the Fire TV Cube can be controlled completely by voice, it will still come with a remote control for times when you may not want to shout at your television.

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