US, China tussle over Tiananmen anniversary

China and US in war of words over Tiananmen crackdown death toll

Survivor of Tiananmen Square massacre says world should boycott Beijing Olympics

The United States insists that China has announced full information about the dead, detained or missing during the student protests in Tiananmen square in Beijing in 1989, said U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

A British diplomatic cable declassified in 2017, written just a day after the killings, alleged that more than 10,000 people were killed by Chinese troops on June 4, 1989.

The number of casualties has never been fully disclosed, though estimates by human rights groups and witnesses range from several hundred to several thousand.

Better known as "Tank Man", he is one of the most enduring images of China's violent military crackdown on democracy protesters in Tiananmen Square, the Guardian reported.

"The words of Liu Xiaobo at his Nobel prize acceptance speech in 2010, "the ghosts of June 4, still have not found peace", said Pompeo, referring to the Chinese dissident who died in detention a year ago".

"We join others in the global community in urging the Chinese government to make a full public accounting of those killed, detained or missing", he said.

"The Chinese government has already come to a clear conclusion regarding the political disturbances that occurred in the late 1980s", Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunying told a regular press briefing. Hua went on to call any mention of the long ago concluded events (in the eyes of her government) by the United States as "gratuitous criticism".

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Hu Ping, another well-known Chinese dissident, said that the lack of democracy in China will eventually bring about catastrophic consequences for the United States and the world, as the Chinese Communist Party continues to increase its power while acting aggressively overseas.

Chinese students and workers occupied Beijing's Tiananmen Square for almost two months and began protests calling for the recognition of universal values such as democracy, freedom, rule of law and human rights in China, which resulted in the army's violent suppression of protesters from June 3-4.

The semi-autonomous territory of Hong Kong is the only place on Chinese soil where the anniversary is openly marked with a famous vigil in Victoria Park on June 4 each year.

"June 4 was a turning point in China's history that should be remembered", said 40-year-old schoolteacher Maggie.

On Tiananmen Square, security was tight as is usual for the anniversary, with no signs of any protests or other memorial events.

"Such a powerful proletarian dictatorship apparatus is afraid of us: the old, the sick, and the weakest and most vulnerable of our society", they wrote in a letter addressed to Chinese President Xi Jinping.

However, the full truth about the incident remains unknown and the Chinese government has yet to offer redress to victims and their families, the MAC said in its statement, while expressing regret over the matter.

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