Tim Cook criticises tech companies over privacy but disagrees with regulation

Apple has promised to add more “robust” parental controls to monitor the use of its

Apple has promised to add more “robust” parental controls to monitor the use of its

Industry experts believe that the move is likely to add to tensions between Apple and Facebook.

Apple uses WWDC to reveal what software it has been working on and the updates it will be releasing during the coming months and years.

"We've all seen these - these like buttons, and share buttons and these comment fields", he reportedly said on stage. And when users turn on the Do Not Disturb feature in iOS 12, they will be able to configure it so it blocks all of their notifications until they turn it off.

"If you do want to interact with one of these [tools] or one of these apps tries to access that information, you'll get this [warning message] and you can decide to keep your information private", he said.

Facebook executives have pushed back against critics like Apple.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook for example has previously expressed his disquiet at social networking platforms. Cook said he'd been testing them out and was alarmed at what he found.

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"I don't have a kid, but I have a nephew that I put some boundaries on", Cook was quoted as saying by The Guardian.

One more method in which Apple hopes to hit out at the ad empire of Google and Facebook is the way it hopes to eliminate tracking of users that happens even when users are not logged into Facebook or Google websites. It does this by compiling the fonts you use, the configuration of your computer and the plug-ins you have installed. In addition, Apple says when your browser is searching the web, they've made it more hard for, say, a company like Facebook to track where you go, and that is definitely a way that Facebook collects information.

The integration let users speed up logins to their social-media accounts via a menu in the iOS settings app. IPhone users also had the option to synchronise their contacts with Facebook and Twitter.

With Screen Time, users can view detailed Activity Reports (on a daily or weekly basis) on individual app usage, as well as more general information, such as the number of notifications received and the number of times a device was activated.

The new tools are built into the Safari web browser on both iOS and Macs and will scramble the "digital fingerprint" that companies use to track users and then sell to advertisers.

Our phones are the most used gadgets that we have around and we have a tendency to use apps for an extended amount of time.

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