Kim Jong Un terrified someone will kill him at Singapore summit

U.S. lawmakers want Trump to report on North Korea nuclear program

Make Palestine kneel like Kim did, Giuliani suggests

Two acronyms sum up their goals - CVID and CVIG.

Pompeo, first as Trump's Central Intelligence Agency director and now as his chief diplomat, quickly made North Korea his main focus.

According to a Gallup Korea survey released on June 1, Kim's overall favorability among South Koreans rose from 10 percent in March to 31 percent in May.

Expectations run high that the two leaders will emerge from the summit with an agreement to formally end the Korean War after a 60-year standoff and a commitment to dismantling the North's nuclear arsenal and long-range missiles.

While the hawkish Bolton - who has adopted a lower-key approach in recent days - is expected to be in Singapore for the talks on Tuesday, Pompeo has taken the lead as the administration assumes a softer tone toward Pyongyang ahead of the summit, several US officials said.

May 16 - In a statement that threatens withdrawal from the summit, North Korea's first vice minister of foreign affairs, Kim Kye Gwan, derides Bolton's suggestion of the Libya model as 'absurd'.

US, China tussle over Tiananmen anniversary
Hua went on to call any mention of the long ago concluded events (in the eyes of her government) by the United States as "gratuitous criticism".

The comments risked upsetting the North Koreans days before the meeting with Trump.

"We said we're not going to have a summit under those circumstances".

"Kim knew that if he started by fixing inter-Korean ties, it would lead to talks with the U.S. and China would reach out". An earlier Gallup Korea survey conducted after the April summit showed that 65 percent of respondents had a more favorable view of Kim after the summit than before.

"The big deal will be on June 12th". "We go into this eyes wide open, hopeful for the best coming out of this summit but again, eyes wide open". "It's going to be a process, but the relationships are building and that's a good thing". "Hopefully it can be done as expeditiously as possible, but I think we have to be realistic".

"The Ambassador and Secretary Pompeo have been working hand-in-hand providing the president national security options and foreign policy advice, frankly whether it involves the summit, Syria or other issues", Special advisor to President Trump and National Security Counsel spokesperson Garrett Marquis said Thursday. But what if the meeting actually goes longer?

The former businessman, who styles himself as a master negotiator, may sign a framework of denuclearization-for-regime security measures and let working-level officials handle "the devil in the details".

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