Packaging error leads to birth control pill recall in US

Improperly packaged Taytulla

Allergan Recalls Taytulla Birth-Control Packs After Pills Placed Out of Order

Allergan on Wednesday issued a voluntary recall of one lot of its Taytulla softgel capsules.

Pharmaceutical company Allergan issued a US-wide recall Tuesday for almost 170,000 sample packs of the birth control Taytulla after a packaging error caused pills to be placed in the wrong order, a mistake that it said could lead to unintended pregnancies.

In a statement, Allergan said it is notifying customers by recall letter.

Birth control pills have been recalled because they were packaged incorrectly.

The pills in the recalled packs were placed in the wrong order, with the four placebos in the beginning instead of the end of the sequence. According to a press release, the packaging error meant that the first four days in the pack contained the maroon placebo capsules.

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The Taytulla birth control pills are from lot 5620706 that expires on May 2019. Reversing the order of the pills could have gone unnoticed by women taking them.

The sample packs have been in circulation nationwide since August.

The spokesperson said that the recall was made due to an error in a single pill pack, and so far, no other sample packs with the error have been identified, either within the recalled lot or in other lots.

STAT points out this is just the latest negative news for Allergan so far this year. The company has been buffeted for months by bad publicity related to its unsuccessful deal with an Native American tribe to shield itself from a patent challenge.

On Monday, Allergan's stock closed down 1.91 percent.

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