Surgeon General to the Rescue for a Fellow Passenger

US Surgeon General to Visit Medical Center Thursday

Surgeon General Jerome Adams saves the day when airline passenger suffers medical emergency

"I was glad to be able to assist!" Adams said he alerted the attendants that he was indeed a doctor and assisted in the medical emergency.

"The truth is, there are doctors, nurses and techs who step up each and every day to respond to emergencies on flights, and they ALL should be recognized and thanked", Adams wrote.

A Delta flight was getting ready to take off from the runway when passengers were made aware of a medical emergency.

A passenger had lost consciousness, the surgeon general's office said, and required medical assistance.

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Adams was on a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Atlanta to catch a connecting flight to Mississippi's capital city. However, Adams did note that the patient was "doing well".

Surgeon General Jerome Adams began his term as the 20 surgeon general of the United States in September of 2017. There is no word on what exactly caused the patient to lose consciousness or how he or she is now doing, but in Adams' tweet, he stated that the patient is doing well.

Earlier this year, Dr. Adams issued a public health advisory encouraging more people to routinely carry the drug naxolone, which can restore normal breathing and save the life of someone during an opioid overdose.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant also offered up praise, tweeting, "Nice job, Dr. Adams!" on Wednesday.

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